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Last Sunday's Message

We are in a new Series, FOR. We at Eastside want to be known for what we are FOR and not against. Join us as we unpack what we are FOR.


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financial peace university

Take Control of Your Money. Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey Class) is a nine-lesson money class that teaches step-by-step how to create a budget, pay off debt, spend wisely , and save for the future. This class will be taught by Nathan and Stacey Bannister
Childcare provided at the portico entrance.

student Ministry - DNOW 2018

Disciple Now, or DNOW, is a weekend experience where our student ministry gets away to align their hearts to what God wants for their lives. The theme this year is “Filters” and we will look at the the idea of the filters we all have in our lives that effect the way we see everything, from the world to ourselves.

What Rhymes With Orange - A Parent Gathering

A phase is a limited timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. Come discover why every life stage of a kid matters and what you can do about it because it can change how every kid sees God, and that could change a kid’s future.