About the Ballet


The Eastside School of Ballet, under the direction of Lisa Marsh, began in 1993 in the Christian Activities Center of Eastside Baptist Church.  There were approximately 29 students the first year and enrollment has gradually increased to about 250 students each year housed in beautiful, well-equipped studios.  Still located in the CAC, at least 4500 students are estimated to have passed through the school in the last 24 years.  The ballet school is a full time ministry of Eastside Baptist Church and is a separate ministry from Eastside Christian School.


Classes at Eastside School of Ballet are offered in progressive levels and include pre-ballet, classical ballet, tap and lyrical for three year olds through high school.  Winter performances as well as an annual spring recital offers students performing experience and is presented to the community at no charge.  Scholarships are offered to students on the basis of need.  The student population is made up of half Eastside related (church or school) students and half from surrounding cities.

Many of our advanced students have several opportunities to serve as missionaries during the summer months.  Students have traveled as far as Montreal and Toronto Canada, Kenya and Dubai to dance and share the love of Christ as well as introduce dance education to young children when not performing. 

Middle school students also have opportunities to serve as missionaries during the summer months here in the metro area as well as traveling to different cities within the United States.  All middle school mission trips also include dancing and introducing dance education to young children as well as sharing the love of Christ through teaching the Word of God and sharing personal testimonies.