Adolescence is the most formative time in our lives. The values, priorities, and habits that will shape a person’s future begin to cohere in the teenage years. For this reason, our student ministry includes weekly worship, teaching, and small groups, monthly community service projects, and annual mission trips and retreats to help students build a deeper faith. At their graduation, we want them to be confident in three basic truths:

  1. I am created to purse a relationship with the Creator

  2. I trust what Jesus did to transform who I need to become

  3. I exist to demonstrate God’s love to those around me

Leader Lunch - July 30

Hey Leaders! Join us for our Leader Lunch where we will be going through our strategy for this upcoming school year. We will also talk about some of the big events we have coming up!

Student retreat - Aug 18-20

Calling all middle and high school students! This year our annual “fall” retreat is moving to the summer. On Friday, August 18, we will depart for Camp Grace in Roberta, GA, for a two-night retreat to kickoff the school year. The retreat will include: Dynamic Worship Services, Daily Small Group Discussions, Group Games, Lake and Pool Activities.

New Sixth Grader Kickoff Day!

On Sunday, August 6, we will host an informational lunch for parents and new sixth graders in the Student Center. After that, we’ll load up the sixth graders for an afternoon at X-drenaline trampoline park. The event is free, and you will be joined by your Life Group leaders and staff – Russ Snow, Eric Bache, Jeramie Dolton, Mandy Hopkins, Jessica Dolton, and Josh Rice. Immediately following our trip to X-dreneline, we will drive back to the Student Center for our regular Sunday Night Activites!

STUDENT Schedule

Sunday: 9:45-11:00 (Student Center) Sunday Nights for Eastside Students resumes on August 6

Dr. Josh Rice

Dr. Josh Rice

Generations Pastor

Russ Snow

Russ Snow

Family Ministries Coordinator