Meeting people and sharing life is the most critical piece to spiritual growth. God intends for us to experience life together and that’s why at Eastside we encourage you to get into a Life Group. It’s a great way for you to get to know other people and build authentic relationships.

Singles: College Students

Ages: 18 – 23

Teacher: Jeff & Sharon Cook

RM: Student Center | Prayer Room

Singles and Couples: relevant faith

Ages: 25 – 45

Teacher: Steve & Katie Wires

RM: Fellowship Hall

Young Career

Ages: Married 30-40

Teacher: Denise Wright

RM: Fellowship Hall

Get Connected

Ages: 40’s

Teacher: Jonathan Bingham

RM: 207A

M.A.L.I (Married And Loving It)

Ages: 40 – 50

Teacher: John & Cheryl Crooks      Marshall & Mandy Hopkins

RM: 270

Growing in Christ

Ages: 40 – 70

Teacher: Stephen Shaylor

RM: 144

Berean Class

Ages: 50+

Teacher: Bill & Martha Gray                     Wayne & Anita McCurley

RM: LL104

For your ”Edde”fication

Ages: 45+

Teacher: Edde Dalton

RM: 212

Truth Seekers

Ages: 50+

Teacher: Richard Yancey

RM: 204A


Ages: 55 – 75

Teacher: George Goodwald

RM: 205A

Young Senior Professionals

Ages: 55+

Teacher: Buddy Rutledge

RM: 217

The Faithful

Ages: 65 – 80

Teacher: Kirby Pruett

RM: TV Studio

Genesis Class

Ages: 70+

Teacher: Bob Stark

RM: 207

The Good News Class

Ages: 65+

Teacher: Larry Clark

RM: 217

Ark Class

Ages: 70+

Teacher: Mike Keesee

RM: 271

God’s Team

Ages: 65+

Teacher: Lew Rowell

RM: 272

The Gospel Class

Ages: 65+

Teacher: Walter McBride

RM: 273

Women of the Word

Ages: 30 – 90

Teacher: Dot Darden

RM: 215

Juda Kilpatrick Class

Ages: 75 – 95

Teacher: Judy Brown

RM: 219

God’s Waiting Room

Ages: 70 – 100

Teacher: Chuck Arnold

RM: Conference Room


Ages: Singles 40+

Teacher: Dan Fisher

RM: Fellowship Hall

Joy in all seasons

Ages: 50 – 90
Teacher: Joy Rhodes
RM: 223